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開発者 Appademy

VIKI is a voice virtual assistant for (smart) phones and tablets that performs tasks, notifies you about important events, and provides the right information on Internet to your questions in natural language. VIKI saves you time and makes communication with web services easier and less stressful.Learn by example :Just give a couple of examples and VIKI will do the rest of the work. VIKI discovered how human intelligence works. VIKI also learn from conversation and she uses Internet as its memory to draw new conclusions.
Over time, VIKI in your pocket will continue to read, to learn and become smarter.
Some cool behaviors ( features ) from VIKI :- Definitions- "Give me the phone number of Ryan." And VIKI looks in your phonebook- VIKI identifies reminders, to-do,etc. in your messages and suggests you it back at the right time ( contextual perceptions )- "Open facebook website". And VIKI opens in a navigator- launch app by voice- Free-hand selfies- Artificial Intelligence(AI) in your pocket- Privacy by Design : VIKI works in-situ on device so that your personal data never leaves your phone or tablet.